Conventional retaining walls hold back both soil and water that can unnecessarily cause stress and pressure that may lead to structural damage or wall failure. SlopeBlock’s unique open face design allows water to easily permeate through the wall while maintaining maximum strength from soil erosion. As such, unlike typical retaining walls that require more a complex and costly solution (i.e. typically french drains) for diverting water build up, SlopeBlock’s simple design delivers easy fail-safe results.


SlopeBlock products help to reduce the costs for both construction and engineering when compared with traditional retaining walls. Not only does SlopeBlock’s open face design helps reduce complexity and cost for ease of water pressure, but it also reduces complications and time for permitting, extensive grading, and devices usually required for retaining wall installations. SlopeBlock walls never require Geomatâ„¢, tie-backs, or other devices behind the wall for support. Furthermore, as a gravity force wall, the SlopeBlock system usually requires less dirt compaction and soil sampling than traditional retaining walls.


SlopeBlock products are engineered and built to be strong. We meet the highest standards of manufacturing. Each block exceeds a 4000 psi rating. Regardless of whether you’re building a two-hundred foot wall or a three foot garden wall, SlopeBlock products maintain their integrity.